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PERM Audit Trends: Updates and Strategies for Navigating the Current DOL Climate

PERM sponsorship audits by the U.S. Department of Labor have risen to historic levels, which may substantially impact your PERM program and strategies for your organization this fiscal year. What is the role of the market in this new trend, and how will it affect the processing time of your PERM labor applications? What is the relationship between PERM audits and scheduled layoffs? How does the classification of your organization affect your vulnerability to a PERM audit, and what can employers do to effectively prepare for one? Every immigration professional should be aware of the potential impact of the current DOL climate on PERM labor application outcomes and on their global talent acquisition programs.


Join BAL as our attorneys review this trend, and share strategies on navigating its realities. Our speakers will cover the following topics and more:
  • Historical marketplace trends and the PERM adjudication process, reasons for heightened DOL scrutiny of PERM applications, and current timelines for application processing.
  • The effect of reductions in force on PERM audits, and program strategies for employers implementing layoffs
  • The immigration programs and roles most susceptible to PERM audit, audit processing times, and strategies, practical tips and contingency planning to prepare for and mitigate the impact of an audit.
  • Josiah Curtis | Partner – Boston
  • John Hamill | Senior Associate – NYC
  • September Weinberger | Sr. Director, Client Relationships – Dallas