H-1B Cap Season Planning Webinar

October 11, 2023

1:00 PM CT

The current labor and recruiting environment may significantly impact H-1B demand and strategies for your organization this upcoming cap season. Understanding key considerations for your business in the context of current trends will help you and your employees manage a smooth FY2024 cap season. What do HR, Immigration and Mobility professionals need to know to effectively plan for this cap season?


Join BAL as our attorneys review key timelines and trends, and share insights into what to expect this cap season. Our speakers will cover the following topics and more:


  • Key dates and deadlines for H-1B registration process, lottery selection, and petition filing.
  • Strategies, practical tips and contingency planning for a successful cap season.
  • Analysis of the FY2024 cap year and what it means for FY2025.
  • Trends in recruiting, current economic conditions, and remote/hybrid work that impact filing considerations
  • The importance of early planning for H-1B alternatives, especially given the current level of demand.