Developments Affecting H-1B Cap Season: Planning & Strategies for Your H-1B Program

December 14, 2021


As H-1B cap season gets underway, a number of pending developments—as well as the ongoing pandemic—present many unknowns for companies managing their H-1B workforce. What do you need to know to effectively plan for this cap season and strategize for the coming year? How will the current environment and pending changes impact your H-1B program and expatriate workforce?

Join a conversation with BAL attorneys as they share their insights into what to expect this cap season, including key considerations and potential pitfalls. Our speakers will cover these timely topics:

  • H-1B registration process, selection and filing key dates and timelines.
  • Summary of pending regulations affecting the H-1B program. What are the Biden administration’s priorities and goals regarding H-1B regulatory changes, and what are the expected timelines?
  • The latest updates on litigation and developments that could affect selection and adjudication of cap petitions.
  • Filing strategies and how to approach the uncertainty around remote work as well as consular delays for employees outside the U.S., while remaining in compliance.

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